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Sl#DateDistictName of Industryinspection DeptInspectorRisk Category
1 28-May-2019Balangir M/S BIR BAAJRANGBALI RICE MILLOSPCB Sri Biswakant Pradhan Orange
2 28-May-2019SundergarhAGRASEN RICE MILLS PRIVATE LIMITEDOSPCB Sri Bijaya Ku Bhoi Red
3 28-May-2019SundergarhAGRASEN RICE MILLS PRIVATE LIMITEDLabor Dept Rabindra Barla Labour Act(s)
4 28-May-2019AngulAltek MetalcastersFactories and Boilers Er Uma Kanta Samantaray Other
5 28-May-2019GanjamberhampurdairyFactories and Boilers Er Bibu Prasad Other
6 28-May-2019KhordhaChilika Ice FactoryLabor Dept Santosh Kumar Mohanty Labour Act(s)
7 28-May-2019BaragarhDiamant Infarastructure Ltd.Factories and Boilers Er Smt Puspamitra Jena Other
8 28-May-2019CuttackGOSWAMI REFRACTORIESFactories and Boilers Er. Ramesh Kumar Behera Other
9 28-May-2019CuttackGOSWAMI REFRACTORIESLabor Dept Neelambar Mishal Labour Act(s)
10 28-May-2019SundergarhJAI BALAJI JYOTI STEELS LTDLabor Dept Pranab Kumar Patro Labour Act(s)
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